Sunset Mania


Unity through technology is a fascinating thing.

I don’t mean the way people come together in the digital landscape to represent a cause or fascination, but how people get the same, unified, idea to capture a moment – a sort of herd mentality – through the digital tools they are bestowed with in hand. As a result, we get something like the above, different smart-phones taking the same picture of the same phenomenon.

It’s something wholly contemporary and representative of our era in a nutshell. Some might say that’s a bad thing, you know, using a smartphone for everything. But it also has it’s strengths — the innate ability to follow patterns. Before I even thought about clicking this picture on top of the One World Observatory in New York, there was a scrambling of hands and voices trying to find the best way to record the sunset. Naturally the experience alone is not enough when there’s something to help you remember it later on. So then a young man asked to have his phone set against the glass. And his two friends asked the same. Then my three friends. After I placed them neatly in a row, we all began to laugh. It wasn’t because it was ridiculous that all of us were jumping on the chance to record a sunset at once, but that our method of madness looked pretty awesome. It showed that we can get creative, that we can recognize smart ideas. When one person notices that the view is better against the glass, the others follow suit. New incentives are born, different people end up having a different pixelated version of the same sunset on their phones (depending on the model of course), and a row of devices on an arbitrary corner on the highest level of a famous tower look aesthetically pleasing.

Human beings are quite something, and this is one example of that for sure.