Somewhere Up Above The Stars – a fanfic one-shot

Category: Voltron Legendary Defender (animated series)  
Genre: Sci-fantasy / romance / speculative / angst
Focused Ship: Shiro x Allura 
Written: 2019

Summary: It had been a long time since Shiro disappeared from his flight-vessel and Allura wants to do everything in her power to find him in the grand expanse of space.

When Shiro had once asked her if she could recall a near-death experience, she had simply shrugged. It was a moment out of all their other moments together, her eagerly joining him on small ventures in-between their missions to share what made them distinctively different in their race and origins. This time he had posed his question ever so casually, a hint of a boyish demeanor cast under the last few strokes of light of a setting star on the solitary planet they had visited. 

 “Near death…” she had mouthed. It was an abrupt leeway into a topic that she felt he was using to seek something out of her, and when she thought she had had an answer ready for him, she didn’t. Continue reading