Somewhere Up Above The Stars – a fanfic one-shot

Category: Voltron Legendary Defender (animated series)  
Genre: Sci-fantasy / romance / speculative / angst
Focused Ship: Shiro x Allura 
Written: 2019

Summary: It had been a long time since Shiro disappeared from his flight-vessel and Allura wants to do everything in her power to find him in the grand expanse of space.

When Shiro had once asked her if she could recall a near-death experience, she had simply shrugged. It was a moment out of all their other moments together, her eagerly joining him on small ventures in-between their missions to share what made them distinctively different in their race and origins. This time he had posed his question ever so casually, a hint of a boyish demeanor cast under the last few strokes of light of a setting star on the solitary planet they had visited. 

 “Near death…” she had mouthed. It was an abrupt leeway into a topic that she felt he was using to seek something out of her, and when she thought she had had an answer ready for him, she didn’t. Continue reading

First and Last – fanfic one-shot

Category: Voltron Legendary Defender (animated series)  
Genre: Sci-fantasy / romance / speculative
Focused Ship: (bisexual) Shiro x Allura
Written: 2019

Summary: As the final war for earth looms near, Shiro and Allura talk about their past, present, and future one night overlooking the memorial wall. 
– A reflective piece on lost loved ones, war-time thoughts and trauma.

Shiro remembered those short nights at the Garrison, when the facility would be astir with activity even in the deadest of hours. The hums and drumming of echoing chambers, the low shrill of machinery, and the patter of feet as officers and engineers walked about in their array of responsibilities were like a lullaby back then.

The nights were short because sleep used to be an afterthought, three hours of it before duty called again and he was back in high gear. It was a way of life for everyone at the base. The explorer in him, however, always yearned for more, pushed further and higher even when his body said it was enough, even when his failing health had tried hard to pull him down. The Kerberos mission had changed everything. No, his destiny had changed everything. Continue reading

Horizon – a fanfic oneshot

Category: Voltron: Legendary Defender (the animated series)
Genre: Scifi / Romance / Drama
Focused Ship: Shiro x Allura
Written: 2019

Note – Italicized dialogue are communication via sign language.

Summary:  As a refugee on Earth after escaping her dying planet, Allura couldn’t have known that meeting Shiro on her first day at the space exploration school would change her world forever.

– (I)-

When Allura first joined the Garrison, she had memorized the first thing she knew humans did to exchange a greeting – the handshake. It was a gesture she had practiced before arriving, first doing it with her own hand and then with that of her uncle, Coran. It felt a bit silly, and if she had been back in Altea, she knew it would have been improper to just demand someone’s limb so freely without knowing where it had been.

But it wasn’t about how she felt, nor did she think it was wise to make opinions in a school that was predominantly for humans. She had come long and far as the only Altean there, and to be among them meant it was imperative to get the greeting down before anything else. First impressions, after all, went a long way, and in her case, it needed to work ten times more. That’s why it was probably for the better, she thought, that their greeting involved some form of touch. Maybe it was all it took for someone like her to get her message across without words.

But that wasn’t quite the case when her hand made contact with him for the first time. When the Garrison student, Takashi Shirogane, had gripped her palm and followed it with words—a simple question in fact—she had remained frozen. It was not enough that it was her first attempt at a proper handshake, but the spark that went through her fingers at his touch was wholly unfamiliar. She couldn’t seem to look at his eyes without feeling heat from an unnamed source rise to her face. She wondered if this was normal, or whether it was a sign of danger.

Allura had quickly pulled her hand away, noticing his expression fall a little. It was only then when his mentor who had accompanied him decided to bring her situation to light.

“Sorry, Shiro, I should have mentioned this to you earlier. Allura is different than other Alteans. She is deaf.”

Allura caught the movement in his lips and understood clearly. It was only a matter of time, she figured, that they found out. But it irritated her that he would deem her as something ‘different’ than her own kind. Deaf or not, she was still Altean. She was here to fulfill an objective, and she hoped that at least the first handshake would establish alone that she was willing to assimilate, to appear normal like them. But her first mode of contact had already gone awry. She would have died of shame if the man known as Shiro in front of her did not return a warm smile and instead bring up his fingers.

Sorry for my ignorance. Let’s try again: Welcome to the Garrison. I’m Shiro. Can I show you where you need to go?” He repeated what he had asked earlier, but Allura was more shocked to see him relay it in sign language. But not the one practiced on Earth, it was the Altean version she knew so well.

Allura felt herself choke; her mother tongue alone was already ancient and starting to disappear from memory, but this was the last thing she expected to see in a human military academic facility in the middle of nowhere. It was the last thing she expected to be used by a human stranger. Allura welled up with tears, and she bent down and cried into her hands. Continue reading