First and Last – fanfic one-shot

Category: Voltron Legendary Defender (animated series)  
Genre: Sci-fantasy / romance / speculative
Focused Ship: (bisexual) Shiro x Allura
Written: 2019

Summary: As the final war for earth looms near, Shiro and Allura talk about their past, present, and future one night overlooking the memorial wall. 
– A reflective piece on lost loved ones, war-time thoughts and trauma.

Shiro remembered those short nights at the Garrison, when the facility would be astir with activity even in the deadest of hours. The hums and drumming of echoing chambers, the low shrill of machinery, and the patter of feet as officers and engineers walked about in their array of responsibilities were like a lullaby back then.

The nights were short because sleep used to be an afterthought, three hours of it before duty called again and he was back in high gear. It was a way of life for everyone at the base. The explorer in him, however, always yearned for more, pushed further and higher even when his body said it was enough, even when his failing health had tried hard to pull him down. The Kerberos mission had changed everything. No, his destiny had changed everything. Continue reading