My Hindu Deity With A Modern Twist Collection

When we think about getting in touch with religion, it’s not always about reimagining our relationship with the deity (or deities) we serve.  The great thing about being a Hindu is that our relationship with our gods stems from mythologies and stories, which is pretty awesome considering that you get to pray to a Goddess of Birth and Destruction once a year. The somewhat-unfortunate thing is that nowadays, Hindu kids in the U.S, or even outside of India, don’t really get exposed to these myths and tales of the divine.

I will continuously point out that most school curriculums (In the Western world) teach way too much Greek and Roman mythologies, and not enough about Asian or other lesser-known pagan ones. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Ancient Greek and Roman epics (heck, I was a big fan of those and Egyptian mythologies in particular. Still kind of am), but leaving out one of the oldest and still vastly-practiced polytheistic religions from a social studies textbook is a big fat shame.

So I decide to start at phase one, asking myself the question: How can I make some of the gods I know more familiar (and fun) to not only those kids, but anyone who wants to learn about them? Continue reading