About Me

Writer / Artist / Dancer / Traveler of the Mind

Julisa considers herself a multi-passionate creative. Her love of writing started when she first moved to the U.S from India at the age of four, where raiding the library and watching cartoons opened her mind up to new worlds and possibilities. Writing helped her to not only pick up the English language as a first-generation immigrant, but also learn the art of creative literature. She also is a self-taught artist, picking up manga and several other inspirations (like impressionism) to create her own style. Julisa often accompanies her writing with an illustration of her own, or opt to make simple comic panels. 

Julisa found fan-fiction as a great platform to explore her literary skills and art of storytelling. She has created new worlds within already existing worlds of a particular series, one of which that she hopes to turn into an original supernatural novel dealing with werecats. She has mingled in mystery, speculative fiction, and fantasy. At the core of every one of her tales, however, is a human need for acceptance and connection, as well as a space to observe the human condition. Thus in 2019, she began her long-time dream to write an original science-fantasy / scifi series (as of now called GENERA ). 

She hopes to fill this blog with short-stories, share her progress on GENERA (through writing snippets and illustrations), and talk about things from her life, including her Indian Hindu background. There will be fair doses of exploring certain topics we don’t talk too much about, as for someone who thinks too much, it’s important to get the little things off our chest. 

When Julisa is not writing or illustrating, she is dancing for fun or with her Bollywood dance troupe, editing videos and mood-boards, or hanging out with family.