Full-Length Novel Coming Soon…


Genre: Science fantasy, science-fiction, adventure, comedy, romance etc.

Synopsis 1: 
X-Men meets Stranger Things meets Avatar: Airbender
In a future earth, a group of people resisting the workings of a powerful government and kids on the brink of developing special abilities find themselves uncovering a conspiracy. 

Synopsis 2:
In a world where evolutionary humans called Variants rise to power after forcing once-assimilated alien races into exile, a group of characters band together to navigate through the tides of political and social unrest. Powerful Variants seek to weed out young Variants with special abilities for a greater cause. A normal human mother tries to escape her past and provide a new life for her Variant daughter with an unstable power, and a Variant boy with a mysterious ability uncovers something big with an unlikely team. In the meantime, a rebel alien group gains traction, and a prophecy becomes a center of interest.

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